About Us

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About Us


It has always been my passion of opening a women’s clothing store in downtown Benson. Unique Boutique opened April 28, 2016 in what had been an empty storefront on Benson’s north main street.

There were lots of tears, lots of faith and lots of hard work and dedication involved in opening my store. I followed my heart and my passion for fashion and I can’t stop smiling. I love every minute of it!

I attend a lot of fashion shows to get ideas for the clothing that I offer in the store. I strive to find things that are hip and are going to sell. I order small quantities of each style to minimize someone showing up somewhere with the same outfit. I cover a broad age spectrum in my store for anyone from 18-90.

I am very proud to serve my community. It is fun having something exciting in Benson again. I pray every single night, thanking God for everything and leading me to this “Unique Boutique”. I am serving my community and absolutely love my clientele. They have been fabulous. Benson is a great town and the people are amazing and very supportive.